Printing your Business Cards

Okay, you have the information, you have a logo and you’ve managed to get these onto your computer in the perfect format. It’s time to print the cards and start handing them out to people to get your business on it’s way to making a larger profit. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind as well as the hardware you’ll need to pull this off yourself!

You will need a printer

In order to start printing business cards, you’ll need a printer. Your standard $20 printer from Wall-Mart will probably not suffice. Will it print on card stock? Meaning, your machine will need to have the ability to transfer ink to the thicker paper required without jamming. The standard business card is printed on 100lb paper as opposed to the standard all purpose printer paper with a 20lb weight. Fancy re-sizable paper trays are not necessary for your printer unless you plan on cutting the paper into 3.5x2in segments before you print.

You will need 100lb paper

This is the standard business card paper. Durable enough to withstand frequent handling and the test of time in someone’s wallet, this paper weight will ensure your card lasts long enough for the card holder to get around to calling you. It’s no secret that business cards are often put in a wallet or purse then forgotten about for weeks or months. You want the information to be clearly legible whenever someone decides they want to contact you.

You will need a cutter

Once the information has been transfered to the paper, how do you want to cut them into the 3.5x2in cards? Sure, you can use scissors if there are only a couple pages however, what will you do when you have 500 pages with 10 cards on each page? You’ll be cutting cards for a week! Paper cutters can range from $20 to well over $200. Pick a machine which is practical for your particular need. Will you have 100 cards to cut each month or will you have 1000′s? A cutter will make this process a lot easier.

Business card holders

Once your sheets have been separated into the individual cards, how do you plan on storing them or carrying them around with you? Your local office store will have multiple solutions ranging from boxes to hold 50+ cards to personal wallet-like card holders specifically designed to keep them neatly together and readily accessible for those last-minute introductions.