Information on your Business Cards

It is no secret that some business cards have way too much information on them. It’s important to keep in mind the purpose of a business card: to give a potential client the necessary information to contact you. Which text should be bigger? What contact information do i need to include? Should I include a website? These are all very important. This page will discuss answers to many frequently asked questions.

What text should be bigger than the rest?

Your name should always be the biggest text on the card. When they call or email, who should they be addressing? Remember, you’re making a business friendship which means, they need to know your name and who’s services they are about to invest in using.

How many phone numbers should I include?

You have a house phone, work phone, cell phone and possibly a work cell phone. Which numbers should you include could seem a little daunting. It comes down to, which number do you prefer? If you’re busy with meetings or talking to clients most of the day, you may not want to include your cell phone on your business card. Remember, whichever phone number you do include on your business card should have a voice mail setup and should regularly be checked.

Should I include a website address?

Well first, do you have a website? If not, then this doesn’t apply, however if you do have your own little spot on the internet, it can never hurt to include that information. This can relay more contact information, examples of your work or current projects for a potential client to review and decide if he/she likes what they see.

Should I include my email address?

This is always a good idea. What if the client prefers email over phone or their phone is broken or they don’t even have a phone? It’s good to give alternate contact information for them to choose from. Again, whichever email address you give out, you should make a point to regularly check the inbox (and spam filters).

Should I include my address?

Does your office have a walk-in policy? If you don’t mind people dropping by your office and, if you are around the office a lot, then go ahead and include the address on the business card. If not, then don’t! It’s safe to assume whatever information you include on your cards will be used by whomever receives one.