Graphics on your Business Cards

When it comes time to decide what picture or logo you want featured on your business card, don’t worry if you feel stumped. Often times, keeping things simple can be the best route. Keep in mind the primary function of your business card: To easily transfer your contact information into the possession of another individual or company. Unless you are a graphic designer, it’s probably best to keep the card’s graphic attributes to a minimum. Here are a few ideas of what you could feature on the cards:


Possibly the most necessary graphic you could add to the business card is your personal or business logo. This should be something easily associated to your information. Clip art is not the best thing to use for this, however if that’s all you have access to or you are not too picky, then it could suffice. Whichever graphic you do end up using, it’s a good idea to stick with the image. Please don’t forget about copyright laws!

Background Image

For those graphic designers or art-related businesses, it’s okay to have a picture in the background. Just remember you still have to feature text on the card and preferably keep it legible and easily visible. If you have a dark background, you’ll want to have brightly colored (or white) text and vice-versa. Do keep in mind, this will require more ink if you’re printing the cards yourself and will inevitably cost more money in the end. Is the increased cost worth the benefit?

Your Picture

For the lawyers and real estate agents, perhaps having your portrait as the face of your company would be ideal. Believe it or not, you still have to abide by copyright laws in this situation as well! Often photographers will charge for the number of times you use an image or they restrict it to just an online presence. The best idea in this case is to take a picture of yourself or have a friend take the final picture. The last thing anyone or any business needs is a last minute lawsuit.