Designing your Business Cards

When designing the card, make sure you think about the colors you want to use, the logo you’d like included, and what font you would like the information to be featured. These are all small details which can bring your card to life and have it stand out amongst others.

Using A Computer Program

One of the most common methods of designing your own business cards would be to create a mockup (example) on a computer program. The programs you can use range from the more expensive Microsoft Office and CS Indesign (part of the Adobe software) to a cheap buy from your local Wal-Mart. Regardless of what you use, you’ll want to arrange your Information on your Business Cards

Hand Drawing & Coloring

Yes, believe it or not, not all business cards are printed! I have come across a few different local arts&crafts stores who create their cards from hand draw pictures colored with colored pencils. If you are going to take this route, remember the card should be able to last in a wallet without smudging or melting all over the clients other stuff. Crayons would probably be a bad idea!

Creating a Sketch

Perhaps you dont want to use a computer program but you still want to have the cards made your way. Don’t feel bad getting a piece of paper roughly the size of a business card, and writing the information you want in the different spot, then taking it to a print shop! They can easily transfer your ideas to the computer and print out an example. This is probably one of the most common forms of, ‘Do It Yourself’ exercised by small business owners.